JCB Work Lights on the Job

Professional lighting for professional applications, our lighting range is tried and tested within the industry.

Breakdown Technician

Breakdown Technician Dave Wiegand is a 24-hour breakdown technician for Mercedes Benz in Bedfordshire who works for the satisfaction of seeing customers happy when he fixes their vehicle.

He uses the portable JCB Work Lights GLOBE  when he is out at night doing van and truck breakdowns or working on repairs in the workshop for extra lighting.

The magnetic base and rotating, removable head provides a lighting solution wherever he needs it, whether that's underneath the bonnet or on tarmac providing light to work in the dark.

His favourite thing is the amount of light output it gives and how large an area he can light up with such a small light.

Dave also found a useful position for the GLOBE  light when parked near a metal grate; the magnetic base stuck tight to the floor as the rotating head provided flexible light as he worked without worrying about knocking it over.


Spencer is an electrician from Wiltshire who uses the JCB Work Lights GLOBE as his preferred choice for portable lighting. Taking after his father (a now retired electrician) Spencer has his own electrical business covering Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset. He takes pride in the quality of his work and really enjoys helping people out in an emergency.

To do this successfully, a portable light is one of the most important tools in his toolkit. A lot of work is carried out in dark spaces and often the electrics are completely turned off.

Compared to previous portable lights Spencer has used, he describes the JCB Work Lights GLOBE  as smaller and much easier to secure because of its magnetic base and strong hooks. Plus, it has much more flexibility in directing the light because of the magnetic rotating head. It is as bright, if not brighter, than larger alternatives he has used.

Spencer describes the light as brilliant and versatile and he uses it for a variety of jobs.

His partner Cheryl has also found a good use for the light, watching Spud the British Bulldog - and electricians apprentice (which involves a lot of sleeping on the job!) - in the garden at night and getting him to chase the beam right back in through the door when he is being naughty and won't come back in.

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