Working in Winter – Part 2 – Trip the Light Fantastic!

Professional Builder continues its illuminating journey through the JCB Work Lights range.

In our December edition we covered some of the JCB Work Lights solutions that will brighten a builder's day and you can recap on the previous products we reviewed in part one by visiting the PB website at www.RDA.L1NK/BAZ064

Professional Builder Magazine - December 2023 - Working in Winter - Part 2

For luminosity in a lightweight package then get to grips with the USB-C rechargeable JCB-Wl-PALM, a powerful 1,000 lumens inspection and work light that sits very nicely in the hand. Indeed, at just 140kg you'll hardly feel you have a hold and, thanks to a fold out hanging hook and magnet, you don't actually have to. A built in USB powerbank means you can charge mobile devices, including your smartphone.

USB-C rechargeable JCB-Wl-PALM

A secure and independent fixing from which to shine is, in fact, a recurring theme of the JCB Work Lights collection, none more so than with the JCB-WL-­TUFFCLAMP. The clue is in the name, and we made use of its limpet-like hold on the metal racking in the garage conversion we were working on, but it will equally take a firm grip to scaffolding, doorframes, and much more. From there, it will rotate through 360° spreading stepless dimmable light from 150 to 1,500 Iumen.

Everyone should have a good headtorch in the van and the JCB-HT-EXTRA has the advantage of also functioning as a worklight, with a wide-angle beam in both applications. We found it sat comfortably on the head and, again, there's a rechargeable battery. With two settings of 260 and 130 lumen it will dispel the dark in exactly the direction you need it to, with an added feature making it genuinely hands-free at every turn. Thanks to a wave sensor simply wave a hand in front of the headtorch to switch it on or off.

JCB HT XTRA - Headtorch

These durable, multi-functional, and genuinely portable units come together as an extensive range for every eventuality and all of those qualities are exemplified in the JCB-WL-TUFFXONE. If you want robust, then this light was actually run over by a truck and still remained in working order. Whilst its IP68 rating means it can be fully submersed in water. There's 2 settings - 1500 and 750 lumen - each of which can banish the gloom from either the security of a magnetic stand or mounted on a tripod. Given the waterproof credentials, plumbers could find it a home but, with the added convenience of a rechargeable battery, this is a solid performer for any number of trades.

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